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Program Committee


James Seppi - Program Chair

James is a software engineer currently working at 18F to help the U.S. government better deliver digital services, and is an enthusiastic user, developer, and advocate of open source software. James is an active member of the geospatial community in Austin, Texas, where he co-founded and helped organize the local chapter of Maptime and the annual GeoRodeo conference.

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Jody Garnett - Workshops

Jody is an active open source developer serving on the Project Steering Committee for the GeoServer, GeoTools, and uDig projects. As an advocate for open source, he works with new projects as a member of both the LocationTech technology project and the Open Source Geospatial Foundation incubation committee.

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Gabby Getz - Workshops

Gabby is an open source software developer, working mainly on Cesium which powers 3D mapping web applications. She also works closely with the open source community to foster contributions, and can be found participating in open source, JavaScript, and geospatial related events in the Philadelphia area.

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Steve Liang - Academic Track

Steve is the founder and CEO of SensorUp that offers a world-leading Internet of Things (IoT) platform based on open standards. He is also an tenured associate professor at the University of Calgary. Steve is a global influencer on the IoT, leading several key enabling international standards for IoT cloud API. For example, he is the Standard Working Group Chair of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) SensorThings API and the Chair of ITU-T FG-DPM WG2 for Internet of Things and Smart Cities.

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Michael Terner - Program and Marketing

Michael has been in the GIS/geo business since 1985 and has been actively involved in using FOSS4G technology since 2008. Michael sat on the Program Committees of the FOSS4G North America conferences in 2012 (Washington, DC) and 2014 (Minneapolis, MN) and most recently co-chaired the Global FOSS4G Boston 2017 conference. Michael is a founder of Applied Geographics, Inc. (AppGeo) in Boston, MA.

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Conference Committee


Marc Vloemans - Conference Chair

Marc is a director of ecosystem development at the Eclipse Foundation, with a special interest in the LocationTech and Science working groups. He is also marketing committee chair with the OSGeo Foundation. Before and after selling his open GIS company, he has worked internationally on the dissemination and commercialization of open source software in general, and open spatial software in particular. Besides writing articles and blogs, he has published two books: WebGIS and Open Source Inside.

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Anthony Calamito - Local Sponsors and Partners

Anthony serves as the Vice President of Products for Boundless where he is responsible for product strategy and outreach, educational initiatives and training programs. Anthony is passionate about evangelizing geography and hold positions as a Steering Committee member at LocationTech, a Fellow of the American Geographical Society, and as an adjunct instructor at George Mason University.

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Eddie Pickle - B2B

Eddie is Managing Director Open Source Programs at DigitalGlobe|Radiant, directing the creation of cloud based, open source geospatial software capabilities. He was the founding CEO of Boundless, where he built the global leader in geospatial open source software, initiated the successful FOSS4G North America conference, and led the first FedGeoDay for open source in the DC area. Eddie has worked with commercial, government, and non-profit organizations worldwide, and is a Councilor of the American Geographical Society.

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Guido Stein - Outreach and Program Schedule

Guido is a geospatial data alchemist at Applied Geographics who has been building local geospatial community in Boston for the last decade. Most recently he has co-chaired FOSS4G Global Boston 2017 and has started the formation of an OSGeo National Chapter.

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