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Open source is much more than code. Behind each project is a diverse community of developers, users, and support professionals working together to create innovative open source technology. FOSS4G events are known for their emphasis on supporting the open source geospatial community through the inclusion of code sprints, workshops, and community building. The St. Louis conference is no different! The FOSS4G NA 2018 schedule includes a number of community-centered activities and social events. So we are especially happy to announce that Thursday, May 17, will be the FOSS4G NA 2018 Community & Workshop Day!

Sponsored by Boundless, T-REX, and LocationTech, Community & Workshop Day features workshops, technical training sessions, a code sprint, co-located events and even some community mapping!

Space is limited, so secure your spot by adding Community & Workshop Day when you register for FOSS4G NA. Fees for the day are $45. Lunch is included with your ticket.




  • May 17, 2018, 9:30 - 17:00
  • T-REX
  • 911 Washington Avenue, St. Louis


To see the detailed schedule, visit this page.

Since the workshops have limited capacity, we are asking attendees to pre-register for these. There is no extra cost for the workshops; they are included with the $45 fee. If you register before we open workshop signups, we will email you so you can choose later.

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