Hotel Rate Expires Soon, so Book Now!

Be sure to book your stay ASAP at the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark. The special conference rate will go away soon.

All Monday to Wednesday daytime activities are at the hotel, and the Wednesday evening Gala Reception is just across the street.

Birds of a Feather Sessions

Join a flock, or create your own!

BoFs are happening on Monday, May 14 and Tuesday, May 15, 18:30 - 19:30. To schedule a BoF now, see the Call for BoFs page. BoFs can also be organized on site after you arrive at the conference.

Who, what, when, where at FOSS4G NA?

The program schedule is ready, so start planning your week!

The program is ready!

It wasn't an easy job for the program committee due to all the great submissions, but the wait is over!

See the list of accepted workshops and talks here. Stay tuned for the schedule showing dates and times.

Be sure to register by March 12 to get the best price!

Workshops, keynotes, parties, oh my! Here's what you need to plan your trip.

It won't be long until the full schedule is published, but keep reading for an overview of what the week will be like for the FOSS4G NA community.

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Vote for Your Favorite Submissions

A huge thank you to everyone in the community who proposed a talk.

Now you can relax a bit, look through the list of proposals, and give your opinion. Just log in, click on a submission title to go to the page, and choose from 1 to 5 stars.

Voting will be open through February 15.

Get your abstract in today!

The Call for Papers closes on February 8th! Be sure to get you abstract in as soon as possible to ensure your presentation proposal is considered.

Presenting Is Fun and Rewarding!

by Gabby Getz

Gabby Getz works with both open source development and the Cesium community on the design and technical aspects of and

Cesium is thrilled to once again help sponsor FOSS4G North America! FOSS4G celebrates free and open source software for geospatial and the community responsible for the advancements and adoption of this software.

Attending FOSS4G NA 2012 in Washington DC greatly contributed to Cesium’s initial release as an open source JavaScript library. Being a part of the FOSS4G community means a lot to us, and we’ve sponsored and presented at every conference held in North America since then. It continues to be a welcoming and informative place to share our latest work in 3D web mapping, to learn about the latest trends in geospatial, and to help move the field forward.

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Workshop deadline extended

Good news for potential workshop organizers! The submission deadline has been extended to February 8 (the same day as the final deadline for all talks).

Remember, up to two workshop organizers get a free pass to the conference. We know a workshop takes a lot of effort, and we appreciate it. Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to offer this.

See why our sponsors love St Louis too!

Vibrant, energetic and friendly; those are all reason why the FOSS4G NA Team chose St Louis, Mo as the location for the 2018 conference and Community Day.

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