Presenting Is Fun and Rewarding!

by Gabby Getz

Gabby Getz works with both open source development and the Cesium community on the design and technical aspects of and

Cesium is thrilled to once again help sponsor FOSS4G North America! FOSS4G celebrates free and open source software for geospatial and the community responsible for the advancements and adoption of this software.

Attending FOSS4G NA 2012 in Washington DC greatly contributed to Cesium’s initial release as an open source JavaScript library. Being a part of the FOSS4G community means a lot to us, and we’ve sponsored and presented at every conference held in North America since then. It continues to be a welcoming and informative place to share our latest work in 3D web mapping, to learn about the latest trends in geospatial, and to help move the field forward.

This year, the Cesium team is especially excited to see talks and workshops exploring the latest in 3D mapping and visualization. Of the many 3D related topics out there, we're particularly excited to see presentations on 3D geospatial data fusion, including point clouds and BIM models. Another topic we’d love to see explored more in the geospatial community is underground and underwater applications.

Presenting is fun and rewarding, so if you want to help set the course of the industry, consider taking a few minutes to submit a proposal. Learn more on the CFP page. We hope to see you this year in St. Louis!

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