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Building an Image Processing Pipeline at Scale using Open Source (sponsored by Boundless)

Farmers Edge provides innovative agricultural practices that help growers boost crop production and improve sustainability.  After recently acquiring an exclusive industry wide redistribution agreement for Planet data, Farmers turned to Boundless and Open Source GIS to build an image processing pipeline capable of handling the throughput of such a large collection.  Come hear how Spark, GeoTrellis, GeoServer, Elastic and Azure were used to build a first class processing pipeline

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OpenLayers Feature Frenzy

Come learn about the latest in OpenLayers developments.  The 5.0 release represents a major overhaul of the library, with the goal of improving application developer experience.  We'll show you what's new and how you can take advantage of it in your mapping applications.  This will be a demo driven talk, walking through examples that highlight new and evolving features of the library.

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State of GeoServer

State of GeoServer provides an update on our community and reviews the new and noteworthy features for the Project. The community has a lot to cover in 2.12 and the recently released 2.13.

Each release provides exciting new features. This talk covers our work on supporting Java 9 and diverse improvements across GeoServer.

Attend this talk for a cheerful update on what is happening with this popular OSGeo project. Whether you are an expert user, a developer, or simply curious what GeoServer can do for you.

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State of GeoWebCache

GeoWebCache is a successful OSGeo community project used in GeoServer and GeoNode. Did you also know can be run on its own though?

This presentation introduces the GeoWebCache application, the functionality it offers, and how the project is enjoying recent success. This introduction will compare GeoWebCache as a stand alone application to GeoWebCache as a component of GeoServer.

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State of JTS 2018

The JTS Topology Suite and its ports have a long tradition of providing excellent implementations of basic geometry types and operations.  In 2017, JTS completed its migration and incubation to the LocationTech working group of the Eclipse Foundation.  This talk will discuss improvements that have happened since the 1.15.0 release of LocationTech JTS.

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The Boundless Web SDK, Powering OpenLayers with React and Redux (sponsored by Boundless)

React and Redux provide an awesome front-end development framework!
But what about making maps? OpenLayers provides an excellent map
rendering engine but doesn't play nice with React + Redux.
MapBox styles provide a clean JSON style definition.
But how to put them together? Learn how the Boundless Web SDK uses
MapBox styles, OpenLayers, React, and Redux to provide a modern
ES6 SDK for making maps.

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Working with OpenLayers

OpenLayers provides a full-featured mapping toolkit. Join this workshop to get hands on experience learning how to best make use of the library for your next mapping application. Lead by core OpenLayers developers, this workshop will take you on a deep dive of the library, featuring topics such as vector tiles, dynamic data rendering, interactivity, and styling.

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Working With the OSGeo Community

Welcome to the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, this presentation is on how we actually get work done as volunteers.

This presentation covers the “lay of the land” introducing our committees, local chapters and projects and describes how each one is organized. More importantly we will look at how each group makes decisions, from the scruffy friendly system administration team who handle your infrastructure requests, to the OSGeo board making final calls on budgets and funding.

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