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Working With the OSGeo Community

Welcome to the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, this presentation is on how we actually get work done as volunteers.

This presentation covers the “lay of the land” introducing our committees, local chapters and projects and describes how each one is organized. More importantly we will look at how each group makes decisions, from the scruffy friendly system administration team who handle your infrastructure requests, to the OSGeo board making final calls on budgets and funding.

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National Treasure

OSGeo is made up of projects and chapters. The projects deliver great software and develop solutions to geospatial questions. The local and national chapters support the OSGeo community in specific geographic regions. Chapters support adoption efforts, commercial efforts and other regional community events.

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Building an OS business case for endusers.

Still many decision makers in both profit and non-profit organizations need to be convinced of the business value of open source. Building a comprehensive business case is the usual way to go. However, what are its ingredients and how to quantify these? And above all, which type of stakeholder is convinced by which specific argument? Therefore insight is required in how open source adoption translates into (in)direct monetary as well as intangible value to user organizations.

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The Manager's Guide to PostGIS

Your staff keep talking about this “PostGIS” thing, but what is it? Does anyone (important) else use it? What for?

This talk gives a brief overview of the place of PostGIS in spatial IT architecture, how PostGIS compares to proprietary alternatives, who is using PostGIS, and how organizations transition to open source databases.

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How Denver Public Schools uses FOSS4G

Denver Public Schools utilizes open source geospatial software to manage the spatial data that contributes to the planning and analysis of the District, as well as feeding to and from the student enterprise to enable business intelligence applications throughout the enterprise.

FOSS4G technology not only enables more accurate maintenance and speedy analysis, as well as richer cartographic and visual products, but also gives non-GIS analysts access to spatial data and tools they would not have otherwise.

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