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In this introduction to Boundless Server we will explore this complete web-based geospatial software stack.

This workshop covers the advantages of using Boundless Server, looking at the open source components that go into its construction. This discussion highlights the differences between using these components individually in comparison to an integrated product.

This hands on tour of Boundless Server covers:

  • Quickview as a showcase of WebSDK to create and customize web mapping applications using javascript frameworks including OpenLayers
  • GeoServer to share and publish spatial data over the web.
  • GeoWebCache offering caching and tile services
  • PostGIS, the celebrated open source spatial database solution

For those migrating from ESRI software, workshop provides an opportunity to explore foss4g  similarities and differences at the product level, rather than isolated components.

This workshop is a great way to get started, geared toward those with no prior open source experience. Familiarity with GIS concepts is suggested.

Please note this is a hands on workshop and participants are asked to bring their own laptop. To prepare please ensure your laptop is ready with Oracle VirtualBox installed. We will be running a virtual machine with an installation of Boundless Server during this session.

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