Moving your geoweb development to containers and Kubernetes (sponsored by Red Hat)

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You are already familiar developing with Python and Leaflet for building your geoweb applications and you keep getting told you should use Docker. In this workshop we will not only show you how to get your Python development and Leaflet into containers but also how to get it running in a production ready platform. We will also do an easy automated A/B testing deployment. Underneath all this we will spin up a master-replica Postgresql with streaming replication. The goal is to get you hands on with Docker and Kubernetes in your daily development work - be able to leverage the ease and power it brings ( aka make you out to be the rock star you longed to be).



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Monday, May 14, 2018 - 17:15 to 17:50
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I would like this to actually be the second part of a 2 part workshop. The first spins up Postgis, Geoserver, and connects QGIS. Then this would follow on how to use the first part for your web application,

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