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OSGeo is made up of projects and chapters. The projects deliver great software and develop solutions to geospatial questions. The local and national chapters support the OSGeo community in specific geographic regions. Chapters support adoption efforts, commercial efforts and other regional community events.

The USA is in need of more and coordinated chapters. This became clear to me while organizing FOSS4G Boston 2017. Open Source Geospatial Technology has great value within government, business, and non-profit sectors as well as in the business intelligence, big data, and IoT communities across the nation. OSGeo does not seem to be well represented in the top high tech cities and has almost no representation in rural areas.

I have been working quietly for the last year beginning to put together a national chapter to help develop and support OSGeo chapters. In this presentation I would like to both share with you my ideas about how to do this as well as solicit ideas from the community about what is most needed. I have a non-profit with a little bit of funding and I hope by presenting about the new chapter at the FOSS4G NA I can grow the ideas and people associated with it.

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Monday, May 14, 2018 - 15:30 to 16:05

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