Replace the Shapefile, an Introduction to the GeoPackage

This talk will provide an introduction to the OGC GeoPackage file format. It will discuss many of the advantages of the GeoPackage over the ubiquitous Shapefile for vector data as well as its use for storing raster data.

This talk will address compatibility of the GeoPackage with Open Source and Proprietary GIS solutions.

This talk will discuss how GeoPackage fits in with overlapping technologies SQLite, MBTiles, and Spatialite.

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Using Blockchain in Geospatial Applications

Blockchain is a digital decentralized registry of electronic transactions that are secure and verifiable. The technology is used to record cryptocurrency transactions (e.g. Bitcoin) and smart contracts as well as others; however, very little has been documented about how blockchain can be used in the context of geospatial applications. This talk will discuss three topics, related to using free open geospatial standards in blockchain.


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