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OpenLayers provides a full-featured mapping toolkit. Join this workshop to get hands on experience learning how to best make use of the library for your next mapping application. Lead by core OpenLayers developers, this workshop will take you on a deep dive of the library, featuring topics such as vector tiles, dynamic data rendering, interactivity, and styling. We'll guide you through best practices with the library, instruct on how you can import just the parts of the library your application needs, and demonstrate bundling your application together with the library using tools like Webpack, Rollup, and Browserify. Workshop participants will work through a series of exercises, each one taking them successively deeper into library concepts and functionality, ending up with a fully working application that integrates data from multiple sources and provides users rich interactivity.

This year's workshop will be a completely revised version of the OpenLayers Workshop presented at previous FOSS4G conferences. We'll be focussed on the newly released ES Modules version of the library which minimizes dependencies (only Node) and allows developers to more easily build applications with only the portion of the library that their application needs. In addition to guiding you through prepared exercises, we'll make time in the workshop to answer questions that you bring about any current or planned application development with OpenLayers.


To get the most out of the workshop, participants are expected to have a general understanding of geospatial data and services and a good working understanding of JavaScript application development. To work through the exercises on their own laptops, please come with Node 6+ installed - no additional dependencies are needed to get started.


Workshop modules will cover the following topics:

  • Development environment setup and basic “Hello World” map
  • Working with vector data - editing, styling, and interactivity
  • Working with vector tiles
  • Working with raster data and raster operations
  • Bundling and deploying your application
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Monday, May 14, 2018 - 09:00 to 12:00

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